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Karen Trading Company

Karen Co. (Kushandegan Abar Radnaman) is a young and dynamic general trading (Import-Export) company established in 2017. Karen is a sub-company of Taam Locomotive Ariya Co. assigned to develop foreign general trade.

Relying on our experience and expertise in international trade and offering a wide basket of products, we do our best to create more value for our clients through optimizing shipping and other operating costs.

Having a comprehensive knowledge of Iran export capacities along with active offices in several countries and a constant quest for creating new opportunities, we engineer profitable business offers.

Services We Provide

We stay on your side to help you not to any longer concern yourself with sourcing, supply, or export;
You could stay focused on your local market or production with peace of mind and confidence.

Products We Supply

Benefiting from an international supply chain, ample experience, and effective business relations,
Karen has the appropriate capacities to supply these products.

Industrial Equipment

Benefiting from an international supply chain, Karen has a wide successful experience in supplying equipment and parts for industrial projects.


Thanks to the diverse and unique four-season climate, Iran has immense potential in the field of agricultural production.

Petrochemicals, Plastics, and Cellulosics

Iran is one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world. Naturally, Iran's biggest export share consists of oil & gas and their derivatives.

Construction Materials

There are vast reserves of iron, stone, cement, gypsum, clay, etc. in Iran. The existence of such mines has led to the development of industries related to construction materials.

Metals & Minerals

The products of varied mines of diverse stones and metals in Iran have high export potential.

Medicinal Plants

There are more than 2,000 species of aromatic plants in Iran, of which about 450 are used as medicinal plants.

More information; More strategic decisions

Higher values

are not always attained through known sources …

Why Karen?


Karen bees are always tirelessly searching for honey-like suggestions.